About WWNews

The Weakly Whirled News is the work of Doug Coutts, who has been freelancing as a writer for many years and been paid for some of them.

He is a published author – one of his books (co-authored admittedly) has been described as “very wordy” and is heavier than the LOTR trilogy but will never be made into 25 four-hour-long films.

He has written for television, radio and magazines, as well as corporate events.  None of these has been as much fun, or more rewarding, than blogging.  All right, most of it has.  Especially the rewarding bit.

Not that it’s all about money. No amount of money, for instance, would make him write something like this: “This understanding unlocks the ability to provide contextually relevant content, and drive personalised moments of engagement with customers.”  Although, there is a figure he’d accept to put it into English.


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  1. How about Hfnton Post?(Hfn=highly fried news)

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