New finance minister latest in long line

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December 8, 2016 by Doug Coutts

maxresdefaultWhen New Zealand’s newest Minister of Finance receives the embossed certificate, name badge and team shirt from the Governor General next week, he’ll join a select group. Well, two select groups but the group of people who sneered from the Government benches while they did poor people over has had enough media coverage for a while – so we’ll be looking at the other select group, in this special WWNews report compiled by the neighbour’s cat Spongey Pud, who spends all day trawling through ribbit.

The Select Group of Joyces

Steven Leonard Joyce (born 7 April 1963) is, according to Wikipedia and if you don’t send them money before Monday they’ll have to close down so donate now, a New Zealand politician. Stevo entered Parliament in 2008 as a member of the National party, and in the same year became Minister of Transport and Minister for Communications and Information Technology, presumably because Minister of Treadmills and Workhouses was already taken.

A broadcasting entrepreneur with RadioWorks before he entered politics, Stevie is a self-made millionaire unwilling to reveal just how much of his personal fortune is given away to the less-well-off and/or deserving, although he did sign a deal with Skycity casino in 2013 allowing an additional 230 pokie machines and 40 new gambling tables, to give those poor folk something to do in the evenings.

Stevilicious is just the latest in a long line of Joyces to have made their mark on the world – one that can’t be removed by sluicing with phenol – such as:

joyceJames Joyce, an Irish novelist and poet regarded as one of the most influential and important authors of the 20th century, but not by anyone who’s tried to watch a BBC adaption of Finnegan’s Wake.


Yootha Joyce, the English actress best known for her portrayal as a long-suffering actress playing stereotypical roles in many British tv sitcoms. Wikipedia says “she was named “Yootha”, an Aboriginal name, after a New Zealand dancer in her father’s touring company” which is a good reason to cancel that donation you may have just sent in.


Joyce Grenfell, another UK actress who fared slightly better, because she wrote a lot of her own stuff, didn’t ever play in anything with Richard O’Sullivan and never made up fibs about her name.


Mike Joyce, drummer for heavy bubblegum pop band The Smiths who, in 1996, sued his former bandmates Morrisey and Johnny for an equal share of royalties. He won the case, was awarded a million quid’s worth of damages and absolved from any need to perform with The Smiths again.


William Joyce, who much like his younger namesake Steven, had a stellar career in radio before moving on to other things. Unlike Steven, however, those other things were being captured by Allied forces, a short trial and being hanged for treason as Lord Hawhaw the famous propagandist.

WWNews would like congratulate Steven Joyce on his promotion.


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