Study shows desperate backtracking always works.


Chief’s sponsor’s rep Margaret Comer, who did actually condone mistreatment of one woman, which is why she had to desperately backtrack.

“I feel terrible that my poor choice of words have caused hurt and alarm. I am even more regretful given that I have always been passionate about championing causes and organisations that improve our communities both professionally on behalf of Gallagher’s philanthropic efforts and personally on a number of not for profit boards. I most definitely do not condone any kind of mistreatment of women and am extremely regretful that my words yesterday do not reflect the high standard I expect of myself and those I am associated with.”



Saatchi’s Kevin Roberts, whose desperate backtracking failed to include any ladies what he may have upset.

“My miscommunication on a number of points has caused upset and offence, and for this I am sorry. I have inadvertently embarrassed Saatchi & Saatchi and Publicis Groupe, two companies I love and have been devoted to for almost 20 years. I have expressed my regret and apology to the companies for the furor my remarks and language stimulated, and I extend this to colleagues, staff and clients.”

WWNews suggests thinking before you speak and then SingTFU anyway because no-one cares what you think.


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