PM buys controlling share in Serco for son


July 28, 2015 by Doug Coutts

New Zealand’s most popular Prime Minister since records began last Tuesday, John Keys, has announced he will be increasing his share-holding in beleaguered prison operator Serco, and gifting the shares to one of his sons.

At the moment Mr Keys owns a little under 0.00% of Serco which will increase to just over half if the deal goes through, he told a press conference earlier today. “It may seem a little crazy, I must admit, given just how badly the company seems to have performed in recent weeks,” Mr Keys said. “But I’m sure they’re going to turn the business around – all it needs is a good shake up, which I’m sure some of the prisoners will be able to help with!”

Mr Keys said he was confident his son, currently having a pedicure at the Como Shambala Turks & Caicos resort before dining on a selection of fresh Black Rhino testes*, would enjoy the responsibility. “He’s got a pretty level head on those tanned shoulders, plus it will fulfil a lifelong dream – ever since I’ve known him, he’s always wanted a Mickey Mouse outfit.”

Serco management was unavailable for comment, although WWNews received an email denial that they had been gagged.  “It’s just some of the D Wing guys playing with their pillow cases,” the email read.

*left ones only


4 thoughts on “PM buys controlling share in Serco for son

  1. Jonh MbCthe says:

    I don’t for one moment believe that Mr Keys would hand the keys of one of his key investment portfolios to Key junior.

  2. Kevin Ward says:

    Perhaps not to the full portfolio, just the john Key (value down the s-bend)

  3. Kate Lang says:

    As long as he’ gifting jobs to Serco, it seems like a corrupt scheme worthy of Key.

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