Air NZ using Jackson back catalogue for new safety video

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February 26, 2015 by Doug Coutts

WingsAfter the success of its LOTR-based in-flight safety videos, Air New Zealand has got the chocks-away from Sir Peter Jackson to trawl through some of his other films for material for a series of new vids.

“Passenger safety is of paramount importance to the airline,” Air NZ’s corporate affairs spokesperson Wendy Seinersohn told WWNews after we’d returned the tray table to an upright position. “And we find that passengers are much more willing to pay exorbitant prices for a kiddy seat and a packet of rancid cassava chips if they have something to take their minds off things.”

Ms Seinersohn said that while various distraction techniques such as attendants lap-dancing in selected aisle seats and fake turbulence at Wellington had been trialled, none was more successful than a wickedly clever safety briefing.  “Even spotting typos in the trivia quiz came a distant last in comparison,” she said.

Several Jackson movies were being considered with Heavenly Creatures the frontrunner, Ms Seinersohn revealed. WWNews was granted a sneak preview of one frame from the pilot (snigger) video:

2w7k2faIn other news Prime Minster John Keys has confirmed that reality show queen Julie Christie will head the group deciding on a new flag for New Zealand. A spokesperson said countrywide flag design auditions would start soon, with the ten-part finals and results shows on air in September. Husband and wife celebrity team Stan and Karen Walker will head up the judging panel with Dominic Bowden said to be keen to host the show. It’s a Stitch Up will screen live on behind a pop-up pay wall on Sky.

In sport, America’s Cup boss Grant Dalton has denied there is a rift between him and dumped helmsman Dean Barker. “It’s more like a yawning chasm,” he told WWNews on condition we didn’t mention that his reported pay cut is actually more than the annual GDP of most of Africa.

Finally to the weather, and cloud is expected to blanket most of the country overnight apart from down the bottom where the feet should stick out.


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