Anonymous Labour insider admits attack was mistimed

Sir-Les-Wine-2.jpg.displayThe anonymous Labour MP who launched a scathing attack on beleaguered leader David Cunliffe has said his comments were ill-timed.

“I shouldn’t have come out and criticised the Leader for taking a holiday in the lead-up to the election,” the long serving or possibly not who are we to guess parliamentarian told WWNews. “I should have remembered it’s Labour policy to wait until we’re actually ahead in the polls before we self-destruct, usually the week before polling day.”

David Cunliffe was unable to comment as a luggage mix-up at Queenstown airport meant his bagman had been sent to the Chathams.

A bioflick based on the life of Prime Minister John Keys, funded jointly by the NZ Herlad and Mike Hosking Inc, has hit delays as the actor playing the PM struggles to master his trademark accent. “I almost had it the other day,” Robyn Malcolm told WWNews on condition we watched Agent Anna on a tv with a peoplemeter attached. “But it went again. I think I need to cram more aniseed balls in at a time.”

Casting is almost complete, with Andy Serkis agreeing to don the motion capture suit again to play the role of the three-headed Chimera. “I’ve got the hissing and scratching down,” he told WWNews at least we think it was him. “So Paula and Judith are sorted, but I can’t quite perfect the haughty sneer. I may have to watch another Hekia Question Time clip. But first, more whisky.”

To sports now and Lydia Ko’s victory at the LGPA tournament in Ohio means more desperate attempts to claim her as New Zealand’s own, with a knighthood looking likely and planning said to be well advanced on a special Ko-based episode of the long running – durationly speaking – This Is Your Life.


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