The Leader of the Conversative Party writes

Dear Mr WW News

I wish draw your attention to recent comments published in your blog that have misrepresented me.

I never said Shapelle Corby resembled a screeching raven, nor would I liken her sister Mercedes to a cackling kookaburra (not that anyone, including you, has.  So far.).  And I would never suggest that Shane Warne is in the slightest narcissistic or balding.

I have never publicly opined that several ACT party rank and file members have all been to prison for running pyramid selling operations.  Mind you, to your credit, neither have you.  As we all know pyramids were created on Day Five, a full 24 hours ahead of all animals and dinosaurs.

For the record I am not a litigious man.  I did not earn my millions by taking people to court, but by providing them nice rental accommodation with an address for the sending of lawyers’ letters.  To.

Another thing I would like to clear up is my perceived obsession with morals.  I am not an obsessive person – ask anyone at the Railways Modellers Club and the Greenhithe Re-enactors Association.

I enjoy a joke as much as the next person.  The trouble is I always find myself sitting by myself.

If these allegations persist I will be taking action to ensure I get more headlines in the run-up to the election.  It’s easier than coming up with credible policy.

Yours faithfully

Colon Clagg

Public Face Of

NZ Conversative Party.



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