Lorde may perform in new WWNews reader safety video


A still from the new video, closed captioned for the hard of herring

The all-new safety video for WWNews readers was unveiled just moments ago by Weakly Whirled News’s head of marketing Den A’Bother.  “Reader safety is very important to us,” he said to the work experience kid in charge of typing stuff.  “We want to minimise risks  while enhancing the enjoyment factor that readers may sometimes wish to experience as they quickly click through the site.  That’s why we’ve developed this new video which aims at getting the safety message across in an entertaining way.”  Mr A’Bother said that he’d taken a leaf from Air New Zealand’s book and had got a paper cut in the process. “I’ll get one of the lassies in the typing pool to put a plaster on it later,” he winced.

At the time of going to press, Kiwi singing sensation Lorde was undecided about  licensing one of her songs for the soundtrack, probably because no one had sort of asked her.


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