NZ Post’s three-day delivery – what it means for you. Not you, you.

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October 24, 2013 by Doug Coutts

English: Mail box at road junction These once-...

On the back of NZ Post’s announcement that urban mail deliveries will only occur three days a week instead of the current six comes a roster system aimed at easing congestion at mail centres.

“We’re asking the public to restrict their letter writing to a specified day each week, according to the area in which they live,” NZ Post media spokesperson  Andy Splackenweight-Katt told WWNews this morning. “That way, we’ll be able to keep mail volumes to a manageable level throughout the country.”

Under the new scheme, the NZ Post sorting staff will spend a day in each main centre sorting.  “It should only take him until lunchtime in each mail centre,” Mr Splackenweight-Katt said.  “Which is good because that gives him the afternoon to bike to the next one.” Mail will then be sent on to local sorting centres to wait for the next day that posties are working, he explained.  Other congestion relieving methods, such as hoiking and Robitussin, were considered but were deemed too expensive or icky.

The new letter-writing roster is expected to finalised in the next few weeks, once they decide to do it by area code, alphabetical order or the school decile system.

In sport, soccer god David Beckham is apparently unfussed over comments made about him in Sir Alex Ferguson’s tell-all book A Tell-All Book Vol 2.  “I haven’t read it, actually,” he told WWNews in an exclusive oh all right we lifted it from the Woman’s Day website.  “I leave that sort of thing to Vix.”  Wayne Rooney couldn’t be reached for comment, a sensible haircut or much else.

To the weather now and MetService has issued a warning for the whole country.  “Just watch your step, we know what youse been up too,” said public relations chief Richie Veipreshire.


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