Spilt Enz to reform – no, not go straight, the other one

Close up of Split Enz's etched 'True Colours' LP

Former teenage heart-throb band Spilt Enz is re-uniting in an attempt to raise awareness for C’est Wart, the organisation that endeavours to keep fading celebrities in the public eye in ways that don’t involve historical sex abuse trials.

Former singer Sir Tim Finn told WWNews (on condition we bought a dozen copies of Big Canoe) that the band would be getting back together “to do what Bob Geldolf did for world hunger and Bono did for himself, and now what the Sensitive to a Smile reggae guys are doing for child abuse.”

Former Herbs roadie Waki Paki, one of the guiding lights behind the recent reggae musicians’ drive to solve child abuse by instilling good parenting skills through liberal use of marijuana while listening to simple chord progressions in a basic 4/4 time signature, applauds Sir Tim’s move.  “I applaud his move, and good on him,” he said.

Former is getting over-used as a paragraph starter.

C’est Wart was established early last week when organisers realised there was still room on the restoring your career through perceived good deeds bandwagon.  Membership currently stands at 10, with most of the other has-beens preferring to sit.

Both Spilt Enz and the Reggae All Stars will perform wherever they can, even in-between advertorials, as long as it gets the message – that they’ll still take what you’ve got – out there.


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