“I said ‘dyeing’,” Prime Minister alleges

KEY_600The Prime Minister John Keys denies telling a group of business cronies in Auckland that Wellington was dying and the Government was looking at ways to hasten the process.

“I said that Wellington was such a vibrant and colourful town that it was almost as if someone was dyeing it differently each day,” he texted WWNews on condition we didn’t encourage anyone to watch Question Time today. “And I also said there was much more going on than just Weta and Parliament but the microphone cut out at the start of that sentence.”

Mr Keys also said he would never describe Wellington as moribund.  “Too many slippables and I don’t know what it means anyway.”

The Prime Minister has long advocated shifting Parliament out of the Capital but is waiting for a long weekend so he can do it without telling the 150,000 public servants who make up two-thirds of the city’s population. “We don’t need them, frankly,” he said.  “We’ll take one messenger to refill the water glasses and the rest can be handled by my pals, I mean the private sector in Auckland.  It makes prefect sense, especially as they’re all Grammar boys.”

To the weather now, and looking at the satellite map it seems we’re not in Arizona any more.


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