Fruit fly feeling better – not depression, just a bug

Drosophila larva

Attracts me like no other larva…

The fruit fly at the centre of the worldwide debate on whether insects can become anxious if things don’t go their way has been found to be suffering from a simple gastric upset. Assistant deputy lab technician at Würzburg’s Rudolf Virchow Center, Gunter Lönch, said it seemed the fly had eaten some fruit that was not quite rotten and that had caused symptoms similar to those seen in patients with languor and lack of joi de vivre.

So it’s just a stomach bug then? “Nein, then it would be a tapeworm,” Herr Lönch said. “That’s another group down the corridor, which gets less funding than us, and deservedly so. We haff vings. And lecks.”

In sort of related news if one draws a longish bow, Richie McCaw and Jesse Ryder are said to be considering their options after being overlooked for the job of Race Relations Commissioner. Richie said he still had an application in for head of the Malaghan Institute while Jesse thought he might take a break from top-level everything for another wee while yet.

To showbiz now and the body of Jack Howarth, who played Albert Tatlock in Coronation Street, is to be exhumed and brought back to life. Coro St floor manager Anne Datser-Wrappe said the show was fast running out of male leads and Mr Tatlock was always popular. “But not with the ladies. Or best boys,” she hastened to add.

It’s going to be a great day throughout the country, although there’s a strum warning in place for Opunake, home of BanjoFest 13.


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