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April 13, 2013 by Doug Coutts

New Zealand Weta

Sir Richard Taylor, founder of Weta Digital Saltmines and currently in China as one of NZ PM John Keys’s senior cheerleaders, has confirmed his company will be shifting to Beijing in the coming year.

“We really like working in Miramar,” he told WWNews in an unguarded moment. “The bus service is really good, there are two supermarkets and parking is often free, if you know where to look. But the broadband is usually slow or even down and the southerly can blow you right off your Segway if you’re dashing between meetings.”

Staffing issues were another reason for the move, Sir Richard said. “We have a really great team here in Wellington,” he told someone else but we were still recording. “But they keep wanting to talk to me and touch my coat. It gets a bit much at times. Plus, even after the marches and the bashings and the standover tactics, we’re still paying too much. Frankly I could get a whole factory of slave labour for what I’m paying our barista here.”

Sir Richard also said technology is much cheaper in China. “They don’t have to pay hefty import duty. They just see something and build one just like it. It’s that sort of attitude that reminds me of the way New Zealand used to be, before we had police and courts and such.”

The Weta Garage Sale kicks off in the last week of June, with realistic-looking IT workers expected to go for a song.

In sports news, Sonny Will Billiams is expected to announce he will switch codes again at the end of his current rugby league contract and will seek a spot in the All Blacks. Or the Silver Ferns. Or perhaps even the Red Arrows. Don’t rule out a spot on the GCSB board either. Sonny Will himself was unable to comment. “I am unable to comment,” he told waiting reporters. “When I have something to say, you’ll be the first to know. And then my agent will let me in on it.”

To the weather now. There are strong winds predicted with parts of Johnsonville ending up in Tawa.


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