It can get better than this, study shows.



English: 新藍塘餐廳 New Blue Pool Restaurant 西多士

Producers of the franchise TV show Masterchef have been thrown into panic following the publication of a research paper looking at the factual basis of trite, hackneyed clichés. (A study of tautologies was released simultaneously and at the same time.)

According to the data, the phrase “it doesn’t get any better than this” was much less accurate than “things can only get better”. Additionally, the well-worn but often effective optimism of “always look on the bright side” helped push “better…” right down the list of veritableness where it came in just ahead of “there’s plenty more fish in the sea” and “this is just the start”.

Masterchef spokesperson Julian d’Oberchine said the news had come as a bit of a shock. “We’ve made a lot of use of that particular phrase throughout the series. Having to come up with something different will put a huge strain on our creative team, not to mention Simon Gault. He’ll have to have surgery to remove the tattoo from inside his eyelids.”

Television producers elsewhere were studying the study to ensure they would not be caught in a similar trap. TVNZ News was said to be also checking that phrases like “our journalist Paul Hobbs” didn’t breach the Trade Descriptions Act.



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