Auckland struggles to rebuild after quake

Espresso machine 1

The damage caused by the two hefty quakes that rocked Auckland yesterday will take months to clean up, according to experts. “Aucklanders aren’t that interested in tidiness,” psychocolourist and personal trainer Dilly Tonte told WWNews during a chakra realignment. “They’ll straighten the pictures and put the cups in nice rows on top of the espresso machine when they get around to it and not before.” EQC has been flooded with claims, mostly for emotional damage and time off the internet.



Technology news: Battery motorcycle fails to spark.chickens


In sports, former All Black enforcer Gerry Collins has been arrested in Japan for carrying a knife. He apologised, saying he should have changed out of his playing gear before going to town.

To the weather now and the torrential rain lashing most of the country will continue to lead the news until someone finds a tornado wreaking havoc, or the drought comes back.


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  1. Thanks to all the Wellington cinema-goers who donated thousands of boxes of Jaffas to help with the rebuild. An absolutely positive response, Welly.

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