Muse leaves from Platform 7; Epiphany and Cartharsis both delayed

Platform 7


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the WWNews news feed has been postponed. Regular service will continue once the fuss over Wogistan has died down.

Although… how can anyone get into Parliament with only 538 votes? This isn’t how democracy was supposed to work, not even in the USA. Government of the people, by a party of deadbeats and whackjobs led by a sound-biting louche, shall cause us to perish from this earth. Let’s hope it never happens.

There’s been a lot of fuss over things lately. Not just Prosser-stan but Sonny Boy’s boxing triumph and the Pope quitting while he’s ahead, presumably to go back to his real job. On that note, will he get a golden handshake – to go with the secret ones he’s collected during his years of membership of the biggest lodge in the world – or will he be expected to wait for the Handshake from On High?

Then there was the fuss about a convicted killer up for parole. Radio New Zealand bravely decided not to ask Garth McVicar for an opinion, opting instead for an extended interview with the cop who arrested said killer all those years ago but, on his own admission, hadn’t had anything to do with him since then. That didn’t stop the ex-cop opining that on the balance of evidence – i.e none that he had first-hand knowledge of – the bloke was evil, unrepentant and potentially a recidivist. That was good enough for RNZ and pretty much all of the country’s media outlets who simply rewrote that story without bothering to check for themselves.

When the fuss gets too much, there’s always Parliament. I quite regularly throw on a suit – you get a better view in the Speaker’s Gallery – and head off to Question Time. Yesterday (Tuesday) was particularly good fun.

Over on the Government back benches an iPad was doing the rounds, most probably open on the text of Bill English’s lengthy reply to the current question judging by the amusement it was causing. Later on the front bench, Minister of What’s Left of the Education Portfolio Now That Stephen Joyce Has All the Hard Bits, Hekia Parata, does what she does best – eliciting “That was a very specific question” Points of Order from Chris Hipkins, while being coached by the nearby front-benchers.

There’s a surprising number of people – and a number of surprising people – up in the galleries every day, though once Question Time ends the place empties quickly, just like the chamber below. It’s like your average A&P event – most people pretend they’re there for the tractor and herbicide displays but really it’s all about the sideshows. The open-mouthed clowns one is most popular.



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