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Armistice Signed, End Of The War! Berlin Seized By Revolutionists;

New Chancellor Begs For Order

War Ends at 6 O’clock This Morning

The State Department in Washington Made the Announcement at 2:45 o’Clock


Terms Include Withdrawal from Alsace-Lorraine, Disarming and Demobilization of Army and Navy,

and Occupation of Strategic Naval and Military Points

By The Associated Press

Washington, Monday, Nov. 11 1918, 2:48 A.M.–The armistice between Germany, on the one hand, and the allied Governments and the United States, on the other, has been signed.

The State Department announced at 2:45 o’clock this morning that Germany had signed. The department’s announcement simply said: “The armistice has been signed.”

The world war will end this morning at 6 o’clock, Washington time, 11 o’clock Paris time.


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