Four-term Parliament on the cards

English: Nick Smith at the Agpac Opening, Nove...

The Prime Minister and latest acquisition of Clan Harawira, John Keys, has announced he’s looking at proposing a four-year term for Parliament. “It’s something I’ve been thinking about for some time,” he told Brian Harawira who then passed it on to waiting reporters after a brief tussle. “Especially now it’s close to the end of my three years in office.”

My Keys said that while four years in charge would enable the Government to achieve better outcomes, there was a more important reason for the proposed extension. “It’ll let Nick Smith run his cycle of elevation, stupidity, sacking and reinstatement during one term, rather than spreading it over several, and risk losing his seat in an election.”

Elsewhere, studies have shown that 25% of internet users are embarrassed about spending too much time on their computers. The other 75% said “Yeah, in a minute”.

Today’s Otago Daily Times asks if it’s time we added sport to Waitangi Day, pointing to the success of Super Bowl as a public holiday in the US. Why not, we already have wrestling.

In overseas news, makers of the computer game “Call of Duty” are upset that North Korea stole some of the game’s footage, to use in a video in which New York City is destroyed in a teenager’s dream. Spokesperson Pym Plieyouf said the company was annoyed on two counts. “First, it’s a blatant infringement of our copyright. And secondly, if anyone’s going to destroy teenagers’ dreams, it’s the American computer industry.” North Korea was unavailable for comment, asking instead for a copy of the Lost in Space tv series, for use in training programmes at its Pyongyang missile compound.

The outlook for Thursday – not one of his best. And Loyal is overused, getting trotted out any time New Zealand competes on the world stage. The one about the dog is all right though.


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