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February 7, 2013 by Doug Coutts

Not everyone can be a Vesperado – it requires a certain attitude, a particular mindset and some warm clothing.  And, of course, a scooter bearing the Vespa badge.  (Stuck on with duct tape is acceptable.)

Club Greeting:

The Club Greeting consists of both arms outstretched with palms facing down and fists clenched, shaking, while making a “putt-putt-putt-putt” sound.

Meeting schedule:

Meetings are held wherever coffee is sold and a park is to be had close by.  Unless it’s raining.

Vesparado Constitution:

1 – Name & Registered Office

1.1             The name of the incorporated society is The Vesparadoes (the “Club”).

1.2             The registered office of the Club shall be at such place as determined by the Club Committee from time to time, but is likely to have a commercial espresso machine somewhere around.

2 – Objects

2.1             The primary object of the Club is to promote, develop, and deliver Vespa-riding as a meaningful experience and as an alternative to channel-surfing.

2.2             To facilitate the primary object the Club’s further objects are to:

  1. seek and promote membership of the Club;
  2. ride to and from coffee shops for the purposes of drinking coffee and/or posing;
  3. encourage and promote Vespa-riding as a sport and activity to be undertaken in a manner which upholds the principles of fair play and is free from doping;
  4. and stuff like that.

3 – Rights & Privileges of Membership

 3.1             There are heaps.  Ask anyone
4 – Membership Fees & Other Fees

4.1             See 3.1

5- Discipline

5.1              If the Club Committee considers that any Member has or may have:

  1. been sitting on a Taiwanese automatic scooter;
  2. acted in a manner unbecoming of a Member (see 8.1a); or
  3. brought the Club into disrepute;

the Club Committee may:

  1. turn a blind eye.
 6 -Colours and Uniforms

6.1             Colours: The Club’s colours shall be black.  Or white.  Or anything in-between

6.2             Costumes & Uniforms: No leather-fringed anything.  Ever


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