Public holiday takes cafes and bars by surprise, again

English: CEO coffee bar

Confused café and bar owners expressed their shock and amazement that today turned out to be a public holiday and that they’ll be expected to pay their staff over and above the slave-labour wage.

“I never expected anything like this,” said Hayden De Sande of Johnsonville Coffees and Cake who spoke with WWNews on condition we bought a skinny soy decaf chai and neenish tart combo. “These things just come out of the blue and we’re like totally unprepared. By law I have to pay the kids extra and I’ll have to make the money up somehow.”

Others are in the same boat. “There’s neither rhyme nor reason to when days like this occur,” said one, wishing to stay anonymous due to impending action from the Food Safety people. “If someone could put out a list of public holidays or something we could plan ahead, otherwise we have no choice but to add a 15% surcharge on the day. I know the public doesn’t like it but what can we do? More importantly, what can they do?”

Suggestions that cafes might rework pricing structures throughout the year to build a buffer against attack by public holiday have met with little support. “Our clientele wouldn’t accept higher prices all year round,” Hayden said. “Just on the days where they have no other options.”

In other news, Prime Minister and kuia cushion John Keys says history will remember him for showing courage in the face of adversity for continuing to show up at Waitangi despite the jostling and the heckling. He’s not sure if history will also remember him for smirking in the face of real issues, or mispronounciating in the face of journalists. “But what I can say,” he said, “is nothing clearly, at least at the first go.”

In sports, claims of match-fixing in soccer are being watched by those in charge of other codes. Head of media intercepts at Cricket NZ, Lou Duckworth, says they are keen to see if lessons can be learnt. “Obviously, we’d look at anything that could repair the game in New Zealand.”

Looking at the weather now, and most of it seems to be outside, which means the tarp over the sun-porch is still holding.


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