TVNZ’s “cavalier attitude” angers retirees

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February 5, 2013 by Doug Coutts

English: York Street Studio Two. Radio New Zea...

Residents of an Auckland retirement village are up in arms over TVNZ’s decision to merely change the name of its Close-up page on Facebook to Seven Sharp, rather than set up a new one.

“It’s a serious issue,” says lawns monitor and social club secretary Stu Pidoldfert. “Close-up had sixteen gazillion likes and they’ve just been transferred across to Seven Sharp, without being earned. It’s a travesty. “ Currently the new-look replacement news-like programme has sixteen gazillion and three likes on its Facebook page, which residents describe as “cavalier”, “a joke” and “hard to read without my glasses”.

Mr Pidoldfert says it’s impossible to tell how many people who liked the old programme actually like the new one on its merits, and until that can be established – preferably through a Commission of Inquiry – TVNZ is using those numbers to boost its show in an unfair manner.  “It’s the thin end of the wedge,” he says. “If they’re allowed to get away with this, pretty soon they’ll be able to bend the truth in promos and commercials.”

While TVNZ declined to comment, the Prime Minister was unable to rule out Government intervention, or do much else as he’s been held in a head-lock by Titewhai Harawira since 8.45 this morning. The Queen and Barack Obama have both asked for urgent updates on progress in resolving the issue.

Rest homes around the country are being encouraged to boycott Facebook, TVNZ and WWNews “at least until they put something decent on”, according to Mr Pidoldfert. He says the term “something decent” applies to programmes produced in the mid-seventies in Auckland. Oh, and the Good Life.


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