Heavy rain brings flooding

A water puddle on a beach in Denmark

No, really, it does . I know it’s hard to believe but experts link heavy rain and flooding in a cause-and-effect-type scenario. Weird, but at least it makes for good headlines.

And good news for Yes fans – Jon Anderson will perform in Wellington later in the year . His show, called an Intimate Evening with Jon Anderson (currently playing at stadia throughout the world), will be staged at the St James Theatre and, at three hours in duration, will feature two, possibly three, Yes album tracks . Tickets through the usual outlets and there’s probably no rush.

The NZ Defence Force has announced it will disband its famous frontline unit, the SAS, because of budget constraints . A spokesman says our defence capability is not threatened – if trouble strikes in the Middle East “we’ll just send in Titiwhai”.

A Chinese company is seeking the go-ahead to build a factory producing infant milk formula in the small Waikato town of Pokeno . A company spokesman, speaking exclusively to WWNews on condition no one mentions the Falun Gong, said they were attracted to the region because of cheap milk, cheaper labour and all the necessary contaminants were already in the water.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has refused to back a complaint against TV3 for describing convicted sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson as the “Beast of Blenheim”. Media liaison Shane Jah-Chanel said the use of nicknames was rife in the media, asking reporters to avoid clichés was in the too-hard basket, and anyway “have you actually been to Blenheim? Beast is sort of a compliment.”

To the weather now – no, we’ve done that up the top.


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