Police need to toughen up, research shows

Young Policeman writing Tickets

NZ cops are a bunch of teary nail-biting sissies if recent newspaper headlines are to be believed, according to researchers.  Massey Agri-College lecturer Cinna Kewer points to captions like “Drink-driver shocks police”, “Police horrified at carnage” and “Police alarmed by drunken chaos”, and suggests they are a sign that police aren’t receiving adequate training.

“Someone should be telling them that this is the sort of stuff they’ll come across at work,” she told WWNews shortly before leaving on a sabbatical to the Bahamas. “If they’re not forewarned, then of course they’re going to get a fright. And if they can’t stand the heat, they should find a safer kitchen.” Ms Kewer has offered to hold desensitisation courses at police schools throughout the country in the hope of one day seeing headlines such as “Police not surprised by drug-fuelled slaughter” and “Cops at head-on death smash say they’ve seen it all before” on page 1 of the NZHerlad.

TVNZ’s new current affairs show has gone down well with the critics, impressed by the three-where-one-was-previously-sufficient presenting style and the snappy unrehearsed quick-fire repartee. “Big ups to the autocue op” said the producer afterwards. “And the video editors. It means we’ll be much better off when we eventually go live.” In this instance, “live” means not pre-recorded, not that other definition.

There’s a whole lot of slamming goin’ on – first every man and his conservative party is slamming a judge’s order of name-suppression in a drink driving case in Gisborne, while in Rotorua they’re slamming a 17-year jail sentence for murder with one person going as far as calling it a “joke”. What sort of joke she didn’t elaborate but it’s nice to see that even in testing times like this people can see the funny side.  Speaking of jokes, Sensible Sentencing is sticking its oar in, in both cases.

Weather now, and metrolo… meteorog… experts are on the verge of suggesting the fire danger in Wellington is medium to low about now.


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