Headlines misleading, complains dentist

Cosco Furniture Ad, c1956

New Zealand is in mourning after the Black… the Silver… the Fernsticks… you know, the national team that doesn’t seem to have a nickname was bundled out of their rightful spot as world-leaders at the Wellington Sevens yesterday. While stopping short of claiming the Kenyan team cheated, a team supporter who spoke on condition of anonymity and a sip of the last beer on the ground said “they played better than us and that’s not what we ever expect.”

Police and organisers were playing down the crowd’s behaviour during the 2-day event. Chief Inspector Finn Boolyne said spectators were generally well-behaved. “There were one or two who slipped up,” he told WWNews. “But I have to say that there weren’t the sort of problems that would see the IRB pulling the event from Wellington and going to Port Vila instead.” Organiser Kipa Straetfeiss was unable to comment, having been detained by a coughing fit.

Sports fans won’t be depressed for long as the Black Caps – the national cricket team that does have a nickname although it wasn’t much better than their eariler one, Young Guns – are gearing up for a series of games against England, who are expected to cheat much as the Kenyans did.


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