Wellington resident outraged by today’s date.

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January 28, 2013 by Doug Coutts

Hand set Calendar.

A Wellington home-owner is thinking of complaining to the Ombudsman after discovering today’s date is not what he expected.

“I thought it was still mid-January,” Douglas J Coutts, father of 6 although 4 are chickens, told WWNews in an exclusive interview last night.  “But it appears it’s nearly February.  At this rate the year will be over before I know it.”  Mr Coutts is angry no one informed him of the exact date and says his watch is no help because the numbers are too small and anyway there’s some condensation over the day/date part.

While there is no precedent for taking such a case direct to the Ombudsman, Mr Coutts says he has little choice.  “The community constable hasn’t returned any of my calls since the sow thistle incident in 2003,” he claims.  “I’d try the tv people but I’m sure they’re too busy planning eulogies.  That leaves either Letters to the Editor or the Ombudsman.”  Both Fairfax and APN confirm Mr Coutts is on a letters blacklist, for typo and muddled metaphor reasons.

The Office for the Ombudsman didn’t respond to our request for an interview before press-time. Mr Coutts says he’s not surprised by that either.  “It’s par for the course round here,” he says.  “But I’ll keep at them.  Someone has to stand up and be counted over this, and take responsibility.”



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