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Reading the news in the trenches 1000 yards fr...

Here at WWNews we like to keep you up to speed with what’s going on in the world – today’s snippets include:

From the TVNZ site – Richie McCaw has a girlfriend, Beyoncé may have lip-synched, the Taliban thinks Prince Harry is a dipstick and there’s been another campus shooting in the US –  TVNZ’s headline says three people are reported dead, but further down the page it says three people have been injured.  So it could be six, could be three, might be dead, might be hurt, who knows?  Not TVNZ, but lack of concrete facts has never stopped them before.

(They also suggest that being envious of other people’s Facebook pages can cause depression.  Look at mine and be happy.)

Over at the Herlad, they’ve been reporting that one of the Interislander ferries has broken down and hundreds of passengers have been stranded.  While this is a real tragedy, as anyone who’s had to buy a pie and lukewarm Milo at the Picton terminal will know, the Herlad has made an extra effort to lift the story from the mundane to the slightly interesting.  Describing the ferry as “troubled-plagued”, they list the previous problems as a recent $45 million revamp and engine problems in 2011.  That’s not so much a plague of trouble as a slight sniffle, surely?

At the DomPost, Nick Smith says he’s reflected on his past mistakes and learnt.  That’s good – so he won’t do them again?  Don’t hold your breath.  In other political news, the ODT is searching desperately for a new angle on local MP Michael Woodhouse’s elevation to Cabinet and finds one:  he got a new tie for Christmas and will be able to wear it when he’s sworn in at Government House.  Lucky he didn’t get frilly underwear or slippers.

And now, here’s the weather.  Just out there, through the window.


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