The news at midday. And a bit. All right, mid-afternoon.

A quick summary:

New Orleans Item newspaper news room, circa 1900

Gareth Morgan outrages cat ladies everywhere with plan to kill off moggies.  Cats refuse to comment.

Volcanic paradise White Island is set to blow any day now but GNS says that’s okay, it’s 50km off-shore.  Quick search of GNS tea-room reveals Krakatoa, East of Java VHS has had The Sopranos recorded over the top.

Nick Smith is able to be rehabilitated after contempt of court charges, abuse of power and several spells of odd behaviour over the years, while three beers ruin All Black’s career forever.

Family First director Bob McCoskrie warns that terms such as mother, father, husband and wife could disappear from the law if gay marriage is legalised.  Luckily, terms like fundamentalist, bunkum and bigot are likely to remain in common usage.

A Harvard scientist says it’s possible to clone a Neanderthal baby from ancient DNA if he can find a woman willing to act as a surrogate.  He’s later inundated with calls from Upper Hutt girls eager for a chance to improve their prospects.

Film at eleven.


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