It’ll all go out in the wash.

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January 20, 2013 by Doug Coutts

Antarctic researchers

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at WWNews is our research capapbilities.  That and proofreading.  No but all joking aside, and in all seriousness, we have a large team of researchers constantly on the go, at the cutting edge of science and technology, asking all the Big Questions.

The latest Big Question they’ve been asking is “Is it all right to pee in the shower?”  Yep, the one all the others have been avoiding – you won’t find a single mention of it in any of the major religious works, not even in the Sensible Sentencing Trust manifesto (although some of the crayon is a bit smudgy so they might have had a crack while they took a break from proving the link between gay marriage and catastrophic asteroid strikes).

But here at WWNews we don’t back away, unless someone flushes the loo and the water suddenly goes cold.  So we sent a team of our finest researchers out into the streets of Wellington to get the views of the populace on the rights and wrongs of polluting while abluting.

We asked people in pubs, we talked to punters at the cricket and we sought the opinions of workers everywhere.  And the results make compelling reading indeed.  Read them.

Of 100 people questioned, an astonishing 99, or 99%, said it was acceptable to have a leak while the conditioner was doing its stuff on your head.  In fact most of that 99%, around 99%, said it was the perfect example of multi-tasking and an efficient use of time.  1% of those surveyed said it was a disgusting practice and should be outlawed.

Interestingly, there was a 50/50 division along gender lines.  All the men interviewed thought the habit was a good one while all the women thought it was too awful an idea to even contemplate.  Plus it would leave marks.

As with all surveys, there is a margin of error.  For that reason it’s best to aim for the centre of the plughole.


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