Clothe the door, light the light, I’m blogging in tonight. *

The Naked Truth (1957 film)Some days I’m so eager to get to the computer and fill my blog full of my thoughts and interesting snippets about my daily life that I almost forget to get dressed.  That wouldn’t be so much of a problem on days like today when it’s warm and the curtains are closed but as winter draws near and the neighbours are up and about earlier, it could get ugly.

Luckily I have a special blogging robe hanging by the bedroom door that I can quickly thrown on as I dash to the pc.  In its voluminous pockets are all the things I need – carbon paper, thesaurus, typex, calculator and a copy of today’s DomPost, for inspiration.

Not that I need any.  There’s enough going on here at home to fill an entire bookshelf.  If I double spaced.  (That’s me being modest.)  Minutiae is such an ugly word – that’s good in a way as no one can tell if it’s misspelt – but if people weren’t interested in other people’s humdrum goings-on there’d be no women’s magazine, no arts section in the paper and certainly no talk back radio.

That’s what drives me – if I don’t do this, I’ll have to start calling Michael Laws.  And that’s desperation with a capital D

*The Seekers ‘World Of Our Own’, 1966


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