Blatant self-promotion


January 18, 2013 by Doug Coutts

Doug Coutts is a Wellington-based freelance writer and television floor manager, with the emphasis more on the free than the lancing.

Over the years he has written less than his fair share of television drama (notably Shortland Street dialogue) and comedy (Celebrity Squares and the last season of McPhail and Gadsby being highlights).  He’s also written quiz questions, er.. tv quiz shows, and the narration for long-running series Dream Home and Location3.

He wrote a column in the film and tv industry magazine Onfilm – the first one appeared in April 1986 and the most recent should have been in December 2012 but the new editor had other ideas and, after 26 years of being consistently the most read page in the magazine , that was the end of that.

He’s written a bit for the wireless too – a couple of Spectrum documentaries and a deadly serious doco called Ross Ryan, Connie and Me which everyone else thought was pure fantasy.  Still, the cheque cleared.

He has his name in the dictionary – up the front, not in cattle-class – after a couple of years’ involvement with Harper Collins.  His work is now in every library and school in the country.

He does quite a lot of business writing – he’s been involved for several years with both the Wellingtonian of the Year and the Gold Awards – the latter until he got bumped by someone who writes plays.  He – Doug Coutts, not the play-writing guy – also does stuff for magazines, newspapers and advertorial, when he gets a chance.  The freelance market is a bit like swings and roundabouts, in the winter off-season.  This off-season he might start writing plays.

Until then, he’s available for hire.  He’s cheap too.


3 thoughts on “Blatant self-promotion

  1. aliaspooryorick says:

    This is a CV with strong emotional appeal, and story arcs which are coherent and compelling. I’m giving it four-and-a-half stars.

  2. Simon Burt says:

    I rather preferred your CV (business card?) in the old days which, if I’m not mistaken, went somehting along the lines of: “Doug Coutts knows many thousands of words, can spell more than half of them, and will arrange in any order to suit”. Or something like that, probably better written. I’ve dined out on that for years – with attribution of course.

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