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January 14, 2013 by Doug Coutts


One of the best things about WordPress is its stats page.  It’s incredibly sophisticated – with a smoking jacket and cravat theme.  Not only does it tell me how many page views I’m getting each day but it pinpoints the viewers on a map.  If you use the zoom feature, you can get a lot of detail.  Sharon, your cat’s just been sick in the basil patch. 

It also tells me how many of my viewers have clicked on the links I’ve provided.  So far 351 people have been drawn to the Sherpa hats site and another twelve have looked at the South African polecat page.  Or it might have been twelve of the 251 – that’s not entirely clear and something Mr WordPress might like to have a look at improving.

One rather handy feature is the ability to sort my viewers into different groups.  It’s not exactly intuitive but I am getting the hang of it.  So if you suddenly find yourself having coffee in Lumsden when you were expecting to be at the hairdresser in Canberra, that’s just me fooling around with the system.


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