Seven Sharp: The blunt edge for the vege


It’s good to see that the State Broadcaster has finally got around to sorting out its replacement for Close-Up, that nightly gossip show fronted by the bloke who thought the word “how” ended with an R, especially if the next one started with a vowel.  How rabout that?

Well he’s gone.  To his credit, he’s being replaced with not just two but three performers, although it’s not fair to say he’s being replaced.  Seven Sharp, they tell us, will be a whole new way of looking at current affairs. 

Or not looking at current affairs, as the focus is now going to be on entertainment.  The only in-depth reporting will be the regular diving segment.  Everything else will be once-over-lightly, or even less.  It’s not as taxing on the viewers that way.

And presumably it’ll be easier on the three main performers; a newsreader, a former-newsreader turned women’s magazine fodder and a comedian.  The comedian is there to give the show some sort of credibility or gravitas, and the other two because they can read an autocue without moving their eyes from side to side. 

The other reporters, like most of TVNZ’s Auckland newsroom, will have just been expelled from Epsom Girls’ for smoking in the media studies room and wearing too much eye make-up.  Poutability will take precedence over literacy. 

It’s good that some things stay the same. Too much change at the same time is not good for a bloke.  Unless he’s a shopkeeper.


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  1. But who will replace the mustache?

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