Road-users’ rights being trampled on, claims Lumsden man

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January 9, 2013 by Doug Coutts

Delays caused by roadworks, slow drivers in the fast lane and stop signs in silly places have caused Lumsden motorist Barry Fitzbrian to call for increased Government support for a Road-Users’ Bill Of Rights.

In a statement issued yesterday, Mr Fitzbrian said he was fed up with other people getting in his, and other legitimate road-users’, way.

“I’m fed up,” he said.  “As a legitimate road user I have rights, and that includes the ride to drive where I want when I want, unimpeded by others.  And that’s not happening.  So I’m asking the Government to stand up for the average New Zealand voter – who put them into power – and give us the tarmac back.”

Mr Fitzbrian gives, by way of example, a recent experience he had with roadworks, causing him huge inconvenience.  “They’d blocked off half the road and were only letting through one lane at a time.  I tried to tell one bloke with a stop-go sign that I had places to be but he just ignored me.  I was late for an appointment and I know of one woman whose son nearly missed his drama class.”

He also thinks too many people take road signs too seriously.  “They’re just there as a suggestion, for goodness sake.  I mean, if everyone came to a complete stop every time, there’d be carnage.  You have to use common sense.”

Mr Fitzbrian is calling for legislation to give drivers full use of roads, and some footpaths, as of right and unhindered.  A Government spokesperson said that while the Prime Minister had some sympathy with the proposal, any action was unlikely before the next election.  WWN tried to contact Mr Fitzbrian for his reaction but he was unable to comment, having stood up for his rights against a north-bound goods train on a level crossing near Oamaru.


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