Starry sari night


John Key is apparently more popular than Richie McCaw, according to a recent poll.  The survey, presumably of 879 Sudoku (easy to average) players, has a margin of error of plus or minus 5% and a credibility factor of 7 (1 being Cameron Slater and 10 being a court-appointed repo agent).

They were asked to name their favourite celebrity.  Not favourite politician, not the bestest sportsman, not the greatest New Zealander, not even the person who’s made the most impact on their lives.  (See an earlier WW News for more on impacting upon New Zealanders here.)  No, their favourite celebrity….

John  edged Richie out of the top spot, probably because his name is easier to spell.

Other countries are run by statesmen, some are even run by stateswomen.  That’s the time-honoured way of governing, ever since despotism fell out of favour.  If the Greens ever get into power here we might have two statespersons (or even three if the Pinks get their way) but at the moment the SS Aotearoa is being helmed by a celebrity.  And not even an A-lister at that.

It’s obvious that Warners not Walpoles inspire the country’s leading man.  That bodes well for us all.


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