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“If I could read only one blog in the entire world, it would be this one.”  
      Russell Brand*


Weakly Whirled News is fast becoming the nation’s number one choice for in-depth news and current affairs, which isn’t surprising given the opposition.

reality_chimp2No expense is spared, and none given, in the search for breaking news and up-to-the-minute information which is then – in accordance with standard industry practice – discarded in favour of stuff that is easier to spell.  Our key point of difference – our USP if you like – is there are no cat videos.  Yet.

The In Breaking News section is tailored for those who like their news in easy-to-read segments, not bogged down with factual elements or tricky grammatical correctness.

Over in the Podcasting department, readers can access a wide range of podcasts – eventually –  to be listened to when This American Life or Times Tables – Rote Learning Can Be Fun are down. Interesting facts, news, views, comment and discussion from over the world, but probably just Woodville, are entirely possible.


“A few minutes each morning with Weakly Whirled News and a cup of tea sets me up for the rest of the day.”  
      Jo Brand**
*Russell Brand, butcher, Putaruru
** She means Weetabix

In the interests of free speech, comments are welcomed.  In the interests of fine dining and first class airport lounges, please include a credit card number.


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